Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comments for Teachers
This week I was assigned to a woman named Kim Cofino. From reading her blog, she has an incredible story to tell! The first time her and her husband had to just get up and leave their home was during the protests in Bangkok, Thailand. They were living in the middle of the protest area. Now, she and her husband have had to move again! They had to leave their home which was in Yokohoma, Japan and move to Singapore because of the recent earthquake. In her blog she shows no bitterness. She sees their situation as a blessing that they are alive and well! I think it would be hard for me to have the same attitude! Her story was a brutal wake up call to me. My life is not that bad! I need to realize what I have been blessed with. Mrs. Cofino is such an inspiration! One part of her blog that I really enjoyed was the way technology helped save her life during the earthquake. Because the phone lines were down, she used gmail to contact her husband at work. Twitter and the internet were here sources to the news. She used skype to contact with friends and family to let them know they were ok. Her story is incredible and if you haven't read it, you need to! This is a real life story of how technology truly was a key part in her experience.

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