Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Assignment 8

this elderly woman is attempting to navigate on a laptop computer
  In these videos by Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream, Dr. Miller made some great points! These videos emphasized the importance of using the resources we have available to us. Our possibilities truly are limitless!
     We now can communicate instantly, globally. Our workspace is the desktop on our computers. We compose not only text, but also images, film, and sound. Now, even newspapers have live footage online. We are constantly confronting new kinds of material! The only restrictions we have are the ones we place on ourselves! This should be a wake up call to all of us! Especially those who think they just simply aren't capable of learning all of this new technology!
     The beginning of this class, I thought I was going to struggle in this class. This class does require a lot of dedication, but I am capable of learning and doing these things! This video is a great example of a "how to" guide. I may not be completely capable to write with multimedia, but I'm working on it! I think that the students that I have in my classroom in the next few years will absolutely be capable of writing with multimedia! Students these days know so much about the current technology. This is a great motivator for me to continue learning so that I am able to not only keep up with technology, but to also be able to teach my students.

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 for Dummies
     These videos were so funny! While it was hard to take them seriously, they both had great messages! I loved that The Chipper Series was a taste of what procrastination and laziness can lead to! Chipper ended up back in school when she could have just done it right the first time! In EDM 310 for Dummies, it was a portrayal of how most kids feel when they first sign up for EDM. It's overwhelming! I had to take one thing at at a time and go from there! The tutorials are so helpful and so are my classmates!
     If I were to create or help create a video, I think I would like for it to be similar to these videos. A tutorial or a way to explain something in an easier way. Exaggerating things is one way to get students to realize that things aren't that bad and everyone else is feeling the same way!

Learn to Change, Change to Learn!
Times are changing! We can't just refuse to accept these changes! This video was very helpful and raised many great points!! Technology is constantly improving and we will have to make appropriate adjustments to these improvements!

The Secret Powers of Time
Drive: The Surprising Truths About What Motivate Us
These videos were about perception. How we as humans are all very different. The way we look at situations and scenarios differ from person to person. We are either future oriented people, past oriented people, or present Hedonistic people. Your culture and time zone determines what motivates you because of the different values in different parts of our country and world. The more future oriented you are, the more likely you are to resist temptation! Don't let students sit and listen to a lecture for too long, engage them! Students need to be kept involved in the lesson in order to keep their attention and actually teach them something! Interaction is a huge part in a successful classroom! Let your students be creative! There were some awesome points in these videos that I hope to apply to my students!


  1. Mary Ashley,

    I am glad to see that you are no longer stressed about this class, but instead, you seem to truly understand the importance of technology in education. Technology truly does benefit the students, and like you said, many of our students will know how to write with multimedia. I love your statement that ,"the only restrictions we have are the ones we place on ourselves!" This is absolutely true, and many times, I do not understand why we limit ourselves. We all have the capability to succeed and accomplish much more than we believe. I hope we can help our students see their potential as well.

  2. Mary Ashley,

    I agree, you seem to stand where I do about this class. Technology is so useful and can benefit students and teachers as a whole! I want to help my students benefit from learning about technology and using it within the classroom.

  3. Mary Ashley,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I totally agree that the Chipper Series were definitely quite humorous! I also agree with you when you say that this class was definitely overwhelming in the beginning, because I felt the same way. Now, it seems like a piece of cake! Technology will definitely be a crucial part of our students lives. We have got to make a conscious effort to learn how to use it in order to teach our students the proper way to use it!