Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comments For Kids

The New Zealand flag flying!

The first student's blog that I visited belonged to Reina. She is in year 8 at Pt. England School in Auckland, NZ. She is in Mr. Mike Harris's Room 19. She loves her family and it takes precedence in her life. She doesn't get to see her extended family much but she loves when they visit!

The second blog that I visited was a class from Tauranga, NZ. I read their fifth post. I love this post. It was describing what makes a great post. It was mainly about making sure that a teacher proofreads a post before the student publishes it. This post was heavily focused on the safety of the students. This is priority. They made it clear about how important it is to keep things like your last name and number private


  1. Hi, Mary. Its me Reina I'm happy you have written about who you first visited and how I don't often see my family.
    I really like your blog and how much information you have put on it.

    Can I ask you a Question what do you do a Living?
    Well it was nice meeting you more like I know something about you and I enjoyed visiting your Blog I felt excited and I showed my Teacher Mr.Mike Harris he thought that was a great post and how much I care about my family.

    Reina Thank you

  2. Hi again its me Reina.
    Well I would like to be an Artiest. But I am Still thinking of what want to do because I really haven't decided yet so I will find my Chocie well I am almost at High School I am thinking of doing Studys once I am out of school and work very hard to achevie my work. sorry about the spelling.