Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Assignment 9

Smiling teacher with her smiling class

Mr. McClung's "What I've Learned This Year"

I really enjoyed Mr. McClung's post. He raised some very important points and has seemed to learn so much in just one year of teaching. I loved the part when he was talking about lesson plans not going your way all the time. I can only imagine that things would not always go as planned during the school day. A great teacher is not one that makes sure that everything goes exactly as planned, but is there to improvise and roll with the changes in their plans. Mr. McClung seems to really be there for his students. I love that he realizes that they are just kids and you can't expect them to absolutely perfect. As educators, we are there to help the students learn. If something is not understood by a child, that is our job to step in and do all we can for our students! I completely agree with the fact that we should be good listeners. So many children at school don't have anyone who listens to them at home. It is vital for me to be there for my students! We never know what a difference we are making in a child's life just by being there for them. Lastly, I loved his part about technology. He said it very well the way he explained that it may not come naturally to understand all there is to know about computers, etc. but it is important for us to at least try! Technology is steadily improving and we have no option but to at least give it a shot! I really enjoyed reading his post!


  1. Everyone seems to agree that McClung knows what he is talking about. Be sure to get your wheels turning in regards to how you are going to make time for each of your students so that they know you care. It really is a challenge from what I have seen so far.

  2. Mr. McClung definitely knows what he is talking about! There are many thing that we as future educators can learn from him and use in our future. Great post!!!