Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Assignment 11

A student typing on the computer

In the video by Ms. Cassidy's class, I was truly impressed! These kids are only first graders and they can already blog and navigate on the internet! In my own classroom, I think that the blogging is an excellent idea! They can connect with other students and experts around the world to heighten their learning experience. Blogging also will only improve their spelling and writing techniques! Sure, there will be mistakes, they're only in first grade! Constantly writing and correcting and reading other students' blogs will help them learn so much! Not to mention, they're computer skills and typing skills will be much more advanced than other students who don't have access to such a hands on computer learning experience! I also would use Skype in my classroom. Before this class I never realized the full potential of Skype! You can connect with anyone worldwide! That's mind blowing! The kids will learn other cultures as well as teach others about their culture! Since they are first graders, it is important to keep them focused and engaged during lesson plans. What better way to do this than through Skype and/or blogging! I would probably face some parents who aren't at ease with things like video cameras in the classroom or access to the internet. To help this, at the school's Open House, I would introduce the technology that I would be using, show them their student's blogs, and show them that they have full access to their student's blog. I think informing them and guiding them through the amazing benefits of these tools, they will be more comfortable with their children in my classroom. I think that Ms. Cassidy is an awesome teacher and her students seem to be learning and enjoying her class so much! They seem like very bright students and I can't help but think that technology has contributed to what they can do at this young age.

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  1. Hi Mary Ashley!
    I definitely agree with what you said about blogging! I am going to use blogging in my classroom as well, because like you said, even if they makes mistakes they will learn from them! That is a really good idea to use Skype as well. Talking with other children in other parts of the world will definitely help your students learn about different cultures and it will also help them learn to be more accepting of other people who are different from themselves. Great post! :)