Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Assignment 12

Children jumping rope

A blog assignment that I would have like to have completed would have been something along the lines of this:

In one to two paragraphs please explain what grade or grade level you would like to teach, why you want to teach at this level, and what subject you would like to focus on (if it's anything besides elementary education). Also include who or what inspired you to go into the field of education.

I would have enjoyed this project early on in the semester because it would have allowed me to connect with students who are headed into the same area as me. Comments for Classmates was completely helpful in this as well, but a blog post like this would have allowed better understanding of what my peers planned to do with their lives.

     When I graduate I hope to teach physical education at the high school level. I am currently doing my observation hours at Westlawn Elementary. I love this age group but I think I would enjoy the higher grade level. My desire is to educate older students on how to keep their bodies healthy and active! This is  started even at the elementary level, but the students don't always seem to understand the importance of this until they get older. At the high school level, the students will be preparing for college. With college comes poor sleeping and eating habits, and often weight gain is associated with these things. Stress also causes weight gain. If I can help them with their eating habits and physical activities, I can help decrease or eliminate the chance of too much weight gain in college. It seems to be downhill once a college student begins to gain excess weight. They keep getting older and less active when things like school or activities come up that they would rather be doing. From there, your metabolism slows if you do not maintain a healthy one and weight gain is inevitable. Students as the high school level can understand these consequences and are close to the college age to where they can relate to what I will be teaching. I also would love to coach soccer at the high school level. I think the best way to go about doing this is to already have a physical education job with a high school.
     The person that inspired me to go into the education field was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Martin. I went to Mary B. Austin for elementary school and she was my teacher! The way she set up her classroom and truly cared about us, is hard to explain unless you were actually a part of her class! Her teaching, for the majority, was hands on. We did things like wear our pajamas on the 100th day of school. We were learning about traveling and she set up the classroom seats like we were on an airplane and served us pretzels. We dressed like tacky tourists that day. I will never forget activities like that! Although I don't want to teach at the elementary level, she made me realize what an impact I could have on my classroom one day, and also what a big responsibility you have as a teacher! I will never forget her and if I am 1/3 of the teacher she was, I will feel like an accomplished teacher.

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  1. Hi Mary Ashley!
    This assignment is a great idea! It would have been nice to find out why other students chose to be a teacher. I would have also helped know who had chosen the same path as ourself. It would have been very nice to collaborate with them. I think more face to face type work would have been fun in this class. What do you think?
    Great Post!