Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Assignment 2

Two precious children from the YMCA. A small reminder to never forget a child's creativity

Did You Know 3.0
    Technology has had a huge impact on the United States just over the last few years. The statistics shown in this video are unbelievable! A part that especially stood out to me was the IQ of children in India compared to the children in the United States. What can we as future educators do to help change this? It definitely has motivated me to be an even better teacher and has given me a desire to challenge my students  and to let them see their true potential.
    The fact that computers in the next few years will do things that humans can not even think about doing is hard to imagine. This is such an eye opener for me. This is definitely a huge reason as to why everyone should strive to keep up with technology as much as possible. Things are technologically progressing at an alarming rate and we can choose to try and keep up or be left behind. It is exciting to see what the technical future holds.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
    This video portrayed both the positive and negative effects of technology. Technology has absolutely changed our world for the better. One of the places that the positive effects are most obvious is in hospitals. We have machines that can keep people alive by breathing for them. That is a priceless machine! X-Rays reveal what is going on inside of our bodies. This type of technology was not even fathomable in the past.
    As many positive technological advancements as we have made, there are negative effects. Because of technology, people's social skills are worsening. It is becoming harder and harder to have personal and honest relationships when you can just shoot someone a text message or an e-mail. In the school system there are things that should remain the same. A physical teacher should never be replaced by a computer teaching the class. There are definitely great things that are happening with technology, we just simply must be careful about realizing what can not be substituted by technology such as values and relationships.

Ken Robinson-Creativity
    Ken Robinson made some very interesting and important points. He defines creativity as the process of having original ideas that have values. Ken Robinson said, "if you're not prepared to be wrong, you will never be original." That quote stuck out to me because children are so often concerned about getting the "right answer" that they don't explore other possibilities or options. Children must be able to express themselves in their own creative and unique ways. Every child is different and so are their minds! Hindering a child's creativity can ultimately cripple their potential.
    Academic inflation is becoming a concern in our society. The whole education system is geared towards universities. The problem now is that even those with degrees still can not find jobs because everyone has a degree these days. In order to find a job, you must have a higher degree than the next guy. We must change the fundamental principles in which children are taught. We need to take their creativity and let them make something of it!

Cecilia Gault
    I was very impressed with Cecilia Gault. She was very in control of the situation. She did a far better job than I could have ever done. Her questions were mature and well worded. She showed great intelligence by just asking a few questions. I want my children to have as good as an education as Cecilia  Gault and for them to compose themselves the way she did. To do this, students need to realize their talent and potential and know what they are interested in and pursue it.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
    I have great respect for this teacher and I think she is doing wonderful things in her classroom! I love the fact that she has the students teach the class on some days. This forces her students to actually learn the material and not just memorize it. Another thing I like about her is the fact that she learns as she teaches and also learns from her students.
    The students seemed to really enjoy her class and were proud of the work they completed and their accomplishments. This was very encouraging to me! She is definitely using technology to better her students. She is an excellent example of the positive effects of technological advances in the classroom.


  1. Hey Mary Ashley,

    I think that you are right on with all your comments about the videos. Good job!

    Don't forget to link your videos on you blog. It will make it easier for visitors to see what you are blogging about.

  2. Are you saying that the Mr. Winkle movie's point was that people are getting less social due to technology? Do you think sitting and listening to a lecture helps students to develop social skills? Also, why do you see texting as less social than sending a letter or picking up the phone?

  3. From my own personal experiences with cell phones I do think that social skills are worsening because of them. For example, many times I've tried to hold a conversation with someone and they are busy text messaging. I ask them a question and they mumble something while steadily typing. Then, once the message is sent, they ask me to repeat myself. They never heard the question the first time nor was it important to them. Making sure that text was sent took precedent in our "conversation". This is what I was referring to when I mentioned social skills worsening.I think sitting and listening to a lecture does improve social skills. I'm taking some online classes and I don't meet with any of my classmates face to face. Physical classrooms definitely help with social skills and human interaction. I understand what you mean and how my comment was not explained very well. I absolutely think wonderful things are happening with technology I just hope that there will always be human verbal communication and relationships.